When security is the concern, Doxtech is the answer.

Professionally Engineered and Designed

The patented, high security container system for collection, identification, custody, transport and storage of...

  • Urine specimens for drug testing
  • Forensic evidence
  • Food samples
  • Potable water samples

Supplied in bulk or individually heat sealed in poly bags. Complete collection and shipping kits available.

4) Virtually Leakproof

Four "o"-ring-like seals create a permanent water-tight barrier.

5) Irreversible Positive Lock

When the polyethylene closure is pressed into the bottle, the closure is permanently locked. Contents cannot be adulterated without obvious damage to the container.

No tamper-evident tapes are necessary.

Approved for shipment by:

  • Postal Service
  • All major air freight carriers
  • Air Transport Association of America
Doxtech is approved and/or meets the testing guidelines and requirements of:
  • US Deptartment of Transportation
  • The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration

Manufacturer’s Limitation of Adulteration:
There exists a possibility that other substances and/or factors not listed may interfere with tests producing false results, e.g. technical or procedural errors.

1) Removable Plug

Used to temporarily reseal an opened spout to prevent spills.

2) Re-Lockable Plug

Used to re-lock an opened spout to maintain the “forensic” integrity of sample. Lab may open and re-lock repeatedly with a permanent visual record of the number of openings inside the container.

3) Easy Pouring Spout

Labs easily open the container in a second with a special hand tool that removes the top of the spout. Once opened, all contents may be poured or placed into test tubes without dripping or spilling.

6) Wide Mouth

A full 1-5/8 inch diameter opening with a 60 ml capacity. Female adapters available.

7) Impact Resistant

Made of a clear, tough, medical grade, FDA approved butadienestyrene.


(Optional) Chain-of-Custody Label

A self adhesive paper label for application on outside of bottle to record the dates and names of persons having possession of the containers.


(Optional) Temperature Indicator

Easy to read, liquid crystal thermometer with adhesive back to read specimen temperatures between 90° F and 100° F. Allows individual privacy, yet helps to signal adulterated or substituted specimens. Available in F° or C°.


(Optional) Tamper-Proof I.D. Label

A special waterproof (urine proof) I.D. label is placed inside of bottle before sample is collected. Once locked, the I.D. label cannot be changed, removed, or adulterated, yet it remains visible through the clear bottle.