Removable Plug

For temporary re-sealing of bottles. (100 per pack)

Part #: RMP

Re-Lockable Plug

For re-locking opened bottles for storage. (100 per pack)

Part #: LKP


Temperature Indicator Strip

With adhesive back. Also available in F° or C° only. (250 per pack)

Part #: TIS

HDT Replacement Blades

With instructions for installation. (5 per pack)

Part #: RB


Absorbant Pad

Shipping requirement with bags. (250 per pack)

Part #: AB-24

Internal I.D. Label

Waterproof and tamper-proof. (250 per pack)

Part #:

Part #: I.D.


Chain-of-Custody Label

Short form that is placed on outside of bottle. (250 per pack)

Part #: COC

Form S - Urine Sample Label

Law enforcement form that is placed on outside of bottle. (250 per pack)

Part #: FORM S


Palm Pad

Closing assit to relieve pressure on hand. (sold individually)

Part #: PP

Single Bottle Carton for Shipping

Heavy-duty, corrugated carton used for shipping. (50 per bundle)

Part #: 1P


Dual-Pouch Transport Bag

For specimens and documents. (250 per pack)

Part #: DP-96

Single Pouch Zip-Lock Bag

For specimen bottle only used for shipping. (250 per pack)

Part #: ZP-46


Female Adaptor

Push inside vial for easier use on female testers. Disposable after one use. (100 per pack)

Part #: FMA

Hand Tool Opener

For opening spout on closure. (sold individually)

Part #: HDT


Easy Press

Table-top hand press for high volume closing. (sold individually)

Part #: EZP